Sunday, August 28, 2011

After Consideration,

Uncharted 3 is off the list. I've tried to want to play Uncharted, but, unfortunately, I just don't want to. I may be missing out on something amazing, for all I know. I must, however, stand by my belief of not giving in to the hype machine.

And in that spirit, Gears of War 3 is off the list! I love shooting aliens in the face as much, and probably more than, the next guy, but I've played those games a billion times. I'll save my alien face explosion bullets for Mass Effect 3, thank you very much. 

Speaking of which, I'm still hopeful for Mass Effect 3. I've been seeing some concerns on various websites that it's not going to deliver the proper culmination of the previous games. I, personally, feel that this is a fair bit off base. When Bioware started the first Mass Effect, they knew where they wanted to take it. I agree that your decisions in the first didn't play too terribly important of a role in the second, but I feel it's all going to come together in the third to create an extremely moving and customized game. I'm pretty much Bioware's babbling fan-boy, though. They can do no wrong in my book. And my book is awesome. And always correct. And I apologize if you have your own book. Because your book is terrible, and full of lies. Just like that "A Million Little Pieces" book.


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